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Photos Collection Juli 9, 2010

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aftermath : when oil runs out

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Oil(fossil fuel) might be the main source of energy for us,mankind. Millions of Barrels of Oil are being sold everyday,what for?to fulfill our demand. As u know that the demand itself will never go down because oil is something which is used by every single person in every single country. But,have you ever imagined if someday,this oil runs out?what will happen?

*no one will ever use car again
*no electricity
*no food supply
*basicly chaos

And as we know,oil is not a renewable energy,it takes million of years just to get what we can get now. We can’t just rely ourselves for the scientists hoping and wishing they’ll soon find out an alternative replacement for oil. We can do at least reduce the use of oil.

Here’s the e-mail I got from greenpeace international mailing list

How to Reduce the use of oil:

In the wake of the ongoing catastrophe of the Gulf oil spill, lots of people have been asking us how they can reduce their oil consumption in their daily lives. Here’s our top ten:
1. Carpool, cycle or use public transport to go to work.

2. Choose when possible products packaged without plastic and recycle or re-use containers.

3. Buy organic fruits and vegetables (fertilisers and pesticides are based on oil more often than not).

4. Buy beauty products (shampoo, soap, make-up) based on natural ingredients, not oil.

5. Choose when possible locally produced products (less transport involved).

6. Buy clothes made out of organic cotton or hemp – not from oil derivatives.

7. Use non-disposable items in picnics and summer festivals.

8. Quit bottled water.

9. Fly less.

10. Demand that your government
encourage renewable energy instead of oil

After reading this,you might want to think again.

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Got invited to U.S Embassy Juni 23, 2010

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it’s today,23rd June 2010 the day that i was invited for the interview at U.S Embassy.

On the morning,I got the e-mail from the U.S Embassy Public Affair section and I was so surprised,so I replied the e-mail and just confirmed that I could come to the embassy at 3 p.m.On that e-mail it was mentioned that I got invited due to the letter that I wrote at http://www.aseanvoices.org that once I also posted it on my blog a while ago.I was so excited to go there because you know,not all people can go there especially go inside the building itself.Usually people just make a queue to get visa while i could get inside the real full-security embassy building for free.hahaha

So,I arrived there exactly at 3 p.m and I went inside the building,my phone was taken and I was given a visitor card and I was  taken to the Library.Heck,Library inside the U.S embassy Jakarta.hahahaha after that I was asked to deliver a question in the form of Video by mr.Josh(one of the officials there) .It was only 2 letters which are chosen.The other guy was Luthfi from Bintaro.I addressed the issue of education,meanwhile Luthfi addressed the issue of religion.So,exactly my question was :

How United States Government and ASEAN Leaders can cooperate in creating equal quality of education for every part of the society in ASEAN Region?

That Video will be shown at the ASEAN meeting with Hilary Clinton during her visit to Hanoi this July and Secretary Clinton will answer that question.Okay,maybe I don’t get any kind of prizes but personally entering the building itself and also Hilary Clinton will see my face,hahahahahhahahahahahaha

What a nice experience


the beauty of Bunga Ekorbia Juni 13, 2010

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Taken by my self with canon 500D 😀


Ban abortion!

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Hi Mommy! (hai mom)
Aku memang hanya 3/4 inci doank panjangnya, 
Tp aku sdh punya seluruh organ tubuh. 
Aku suka suaramu. 
Setiap kali aku mendengarnya, sy pasti menggoyangkan tangan dan kakiku. 
Suara detak jantungmu adalah lagu kesukaanku. 

Month Two. 

Hari ini sy belajar mengisap jari saya 
Bila kamu bisa melihat saya 
Ibu pasti tau kalau sy adalah bayimu.
Sy memang Βέl☺’ή cukup besar utk hidup diluar.
Betapa nyaman dan hangat didalam sini, ibu. 

Month Three. 

Taukah kamu ibu???, 
Sy anak laki2
Sy harap ibu bahagia karenanya. 
Sy selalu berharap ibu selalu bahagia. 
Karena bila kamu sedih. 
Sayapun ikut sedih, 
Dan sy pun ikut menangis walaupun ibu tdk bisa mendengarnya. 

Month Four. 

Rambutku mulai tumbuh. 
Memang masih pendek dan halus tp akan tumbuh banyak sekali. 
Sy telah berlatih lama sekali. 
Sehingga sy bisa menengok dan melipat dan menrenggangkan kaki dan tangan2 sy. 
Sy menjadi ahli dalam hal2 itu.

Month Five. 

Kamu pergi ke dokter hari ini. 
Tp ma, dia bohong kepadamu. 
Dia bilang kalau sy tidak ada. 
Mommy, apa itu ABORSI??? 

Month Six. 

Sy bisa mendengar dokter itu lagi. 
Sy tidak suka dia. 
Dia sangat tidak berperasaan. 
Sesuatu datang mengancam rumahku. 
Dokter2 itu bilang itu jarum. 
Mommy apa itu??? TOLONG, AKU TERBAKAR! 
Mommy! TOLONG! 

Month Seven. 

Aku baik2 saja. 
Aku sudah bersama TUHAN.   DIA MEMEGANG TANGANKU. 
Dan dia telah memberitahuku apa itu aborsi. 
Mengapa kamu tidak menginginkanku, Mommy? 

Every abortion is just… 

Satu jantung LAGI yg berhenti berdetak. 
Dua mata yg tidak dapat lagi melihat dunia. 
Dua tangan lagi yg tidak AKAN pernah memegang. 
Dua kaki LAGI yg tidak akan pernah bisa berlari dan berjalan. 
Satu mulut LAGI yg tidak akan pernah bisa berbicara. 

Bila kalian menentang ABORSI, please forward this to every

Ttg aborsi.

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Sistem Koordinasi Burung / Birds nerve system Mei 22, 2010

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Watch Calories,not Sugar

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Do you know that today,to prevent diabetes,what we need to watch is not only the amount of sugar we consume but also the amount of calories each day.Experts from Persadia said that calories can be more dangerous than sugar.

One most important reason is that calories can’t be converted into another substance inside our body.While in the other hand,sugar however can be transformed and stored inside our liver so that there’s already mechanism in our body that can control the sugar amount inside our bloodstream.Meanwhile,the only thing that we can do to control the calories amount inside our body is by doing physical activites.But,the research revealed that 40% of indonesian population are not engaged in active sports that can make the amount of calories and fat in our bodies become bigger and even more dangerous than uncontrolled sugar.

Secondly,we can see today,no one has ever succeed inventing the low calories food.We can see that most of the calories intake that we consume,comes from the food we eat such as rice,chicken,oil,etc. Those foods actually have high amount of calories.Take an example of rice,rice has 400kcal/1plate which is very high.While for normal indonesian human,our normal daily consume of calories is only about 2.500kcal/day.So that,i guess it’s impossible for human to invent an artificial-low-calories rice just now,even someday it might be possible.The safest way is not to rely to the products that we eat,the way is to control and to respond what we eat.Just take an example,you can still take rice for your breakfast as long as you balance it by doing sport exercise in order to burn your calories.

Furthermore,the low level of awarness for Indonesian people cause the problem even worse.Only 27% of Indonesian people realize the danger of calories while the rest don’t.So that,it causes people to have a tendancy to consume more and more calories that resulting in the increasing amount of diabetes victims.So that,more socialization and education are urgently needed in order to create a better society.

So that,based on the reasons above,one thing is very clear that calories can be even more dangerous than sugar because calories can also cause diabetes if we can’t control it.So that we can conclude,consuming too much calories will quicken your death to come.