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The Freak Myth of Kinahrejo Desember 26, 2008

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Long time ago,in a small village called Desa Kinahrejo lived a very cruel father.His name was Pak Galak.He had a stepson whose name was Jaka.Jaka was a very lazy boy.He would spend most of live time by sleeping all day.It made Pak Galak got angry with him.

One day,There was a very unkind and unpleassure monster named Butoijo.Pak Galak wanted to kill Butoijo because Butoijo was really annoying and unkind with another villager.And because the prophecy said that Pak Galak was the man that could save all of the villagers in Desa Kinahrejo,so Pak Galak decided to go to the forest to kill Butoijo.Actually,Pak Galak also wanted to take a revenge because Butoijo took his son’s life.Pak Galak was very angry at that time.Pak Galak was obviously ready to kill Butoijo with a holy axe.That axe was eragon’s axe.Eragon was a very brave knight that killed Butoijo’s father.Then,Pak Galak put his armor on his body.He asked Jaka to stay at home and wait for the news from Pak Galak’s owl.

At night,Pak Galak went to forest with his owl and his holy axe.Pak Galak need to throw his axe through Butoijo’s heart to kill him.After reached the center of the forest,Pak Galak sat down on a lumber.Then he prayed to the God because Pak Galak didn’t know the way to the Butoijo’s cave.Suddenly,Pak Galak’s owl flew to the north side of the forest.Then Pak Galak followed his owl to the north side of the forest.Then,Pak Galak found a small house.But,there was no one there.Pak Galak knocked the door and said”Hello,Anybody home?”But still there wasn’t an answer came out from that little house.So,Pak Galak waited on the outside of the house.After about an hour,there was a very beautiful girl came and said hello to Pak Galak.Pak Galak was very suprised because he couldn’t imagine how could a very beautiful girl lived in a center of a dark forest.Then,the beautiful girl asked Pak Galak to come in to the small house.

Then,They had a little conversation about Butoijo.Pak Jaka asked the beautiful girl named Ares if She knew Butoijo.After Pak Galak said Butoijo,Ares seemed very anxious.Then Ares turned her body to her real body.She was a very beautiful angel that was in disguise to kill Butoijo.She had a duty from Zeus who was the king of Greece to kill Butoijo.But,Ares couldn’t kill Butoijo by herself.She needed another person who has an Eragon’s axe to kill Butoijo.So,Pak Galak showed his holy axe and they made an agreement to kill Butoijo together.They decided to go to Butoijo’s cave in the next morning.

The next morning,Pak Galak and Ares went to Butoijo’s cave.Along the way to Butoijo’s cave,there were a lot of wolves that howled together.But that howl wouldn’t stop both of them to kill the beast.They took a time about 3 hours to reach the Butoijo’s cave.In front of the cave,They heard Butoijo’s scream.Then Pak Galak said”Hey you Goddamned monster,come out and face my holy axe!”Then,Butoijo came out from his cave and angry with Pak Galak.Butoijo made an earthquake,but,Ares with her power stop the earthquake and threw a bucketful of water to Butoijo’s eyes.But Butoijo felt nothing,He couldn;t feel the pain.Anyway,He became stronger that time.Only an innocence that could kill Butoijo.Suddenly,Jaka showed up and said to Butoijo that he was nothing at all.He asked for the holy axe.Then Pak Galak threw the holy axe to him.Jaka took the holy axe and called his dragon named Saphira.Saphira was a very strong dragon.Then from the sky,Jaka threw the sky right on Butoijo’s heart.Suddenly,Butoijo became very weak and breathless.It seemed that the mountain was going to erupt.So,Jaka asked Ares and Pak Galak to sit on Saphira’s back.Then They flew away to Desa Kinahrejo.

In Desa Kinahrejo,the villagers gave a very big applause to both of them.Then,Jaka confessed to all of the villagers that He was the newborn dragon riders.The villagers were really happy of Jaka.He wasn’t just a lazy boy.They was really proud of Jaka.Then,They made a party at the night for their achievement of killing Butoijo.And now,all of the villagers live happily ever after without Butoijo.

P.S:This is just a story for my school task.It came from my inspiration and imagination.So hope you enjoy my story.^^


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