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Leader that we NEED November 1, 2009

It was likely 5 years ago when the first time I heard about the speech titled ” I HAVE A DREAM”The speech that has been inspiring me a lot for years.It was a speech that was delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. at Lincoln Memorial,Washington DC,28 August 1963.

For Me,A leader is someone who can inspire the others.A good leader is the one who can pursue the society and bring betterment towards the society by his/her mind and heart.Someone who doesn’t support one side of the house,but someone who can put both sides of the house in the same level.That criteria will lead us to a betterment which is diversity blends;there won’t be anymore segregation,discrimination anymore if we can make and find a leader like that.

The Basic concept of democracy is the right to choose.Choosing everything that you want since that choice/option is under the law and not disturbing anyone.That’s why in a democratic country,diversity and divergent point of views are so usual.But,it’s the society that determines whether they want to accept or reject.But usually,a democratic society is am open-minded society.It’s the basic reason why there is diversity in a democratic country.

Martin Luther King was a person that really could blend the society together.He didn’t discriminate and prioritize on side.Just like His Quote : I have a dream that one day my little children will live in a country where they’ll not be judged by their skin colors but by their characteristic.That quotes really shows us that He wanted a peaceful diversity.He didn’t say that He wanted to vanish the white people,but He wanted a diversity in a society.So that this diversity can actually stand together inside the country.

He was the democratic one.He knew that if  We killed one part of the society,that part will actually be dead.So that because He respected diversity very much and He knew and He fell the basic concept of democracy which is diversity blending,He didn’t want to have any parts of the society be killed.But He wanted all parts of the society be united into one.Into One democratic country.Into one United States.

He was the one that realized that segregation was wrong.He was the one who made people realize that segregation was the worst way to do.At that time,People were judged by the colors of their skin.It was simply “Black or White”.Black meant death.White meant Forever and Ever prosperity.That opinion and that way of thinking was actually as good as dead.Because you are making fun at yourself.You differenciate people by their color.You didn’t even know them and you said They’s rubbish.Fortunately,There was Martin Luther King.He was the one that made a great contribution to eliminate the segregation and discrimination for Afro in USA 40 years ago.And If He wasn’t there to protest,Maybe today we still hear the Rosa Parks case and we still see the unfairness happens on each corner of the street.He was the one that realized that segregation actually backstabbed the fundamental concept of HR that said that ALL HUMAN WAS BORN EQUAL.He made a contribution.He didn’t stay Silent.

After all contributions that He gave,He got a Nobel prize in 1964 and I believe that He deserved it.Still Be a Leader.Long Live the King.


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