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Is this How the education supposed to be April 7, 2010

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Dear president Obama,

As a high school student I personally believe and agree that education is one of the most crucial part in developing my country.Yes,Indonesia.Today,I see in the society,in the news,there are still a lot of people who couldn’t get proper education,i’m asking and wondering “How can they live their life after this?”.And yes,that question remains until today.And for those who can pay the expenses for a proper education.Do you really believe that the education system in Indonesia is what’s so called as “proper”,I mean,there are still bunches of flaws happening in the education system.Take an example of the National Examination happened days ago.I watch news a lot,Media asked the government of how this National Examination can help our country to develop,but still,no satisfying answer remain.Up to this second,I’m still wondering : “After all these problems in the education system,will we be able to develop since our government still act like what they do must be the right one?”,We are
democratic country,but somehow in some terms and condition democracy is not being upheld by the parliament.

So,President Obama,I’m a big fan of you.I’ve known your ability in solving problems.I beg you to help us,Indonesia in solving this education problem because without Education,we won’t get a chance in carrying our country to a brighter future.