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Sistem Koordinasi Burung / Birds nerve system Mei 22, 2010

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Watch Calories,not Sugar

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Do you know that today,to prevent diabetes,what we need to watch is not only the amount of sugar we consume but also the amount of calories each day.Experts from Persadia said that calories can be more dangerous than sugar.

One most important reason is that calories can’t be converted into another substance inside our body.While in the other hand,sugar however can be transformed and stored inside our liver so that there’s already mechanism in our body that can control the sugar amount inside our bloodstream.Meanwhile,the only thing that we can do to control the calories amount inside our body is by doing physical activites.But,the research revealed that 40% of indonesian population are not engaged in active sports that can make the amount of calories and fat in our bodies become bigger and even more dangerous than uncontrolled sugar.

Secondly,we can see today,no one has ever succeed inventing the low calories food.We can see that most of the calories intake that we consume,comes from the food we eat such as rice,chicken,oil,etc. Those foods actually have high amount of calories.Take an example of rice,rice has 400kcal/1plate which is very high.While for normal indonesian human,our normal daily consume of calories is only about 2.500kcal/day.So that,i guess it’s impossible for human to invent an artificial-low-calories rice just now,even someday it might be possible.The safest way is not to rely to the products that we eat,the way is to control and to respond what we eat.Just take an example,you can still take rice for your breakfast as long as you balance it by doing sport exercise in order to burn your calories.

Furthermore,the low level of awarness for Indonesian people cause the problem even worse.Only 27% of Indonesian people realize the danger of calories while the rest don’t.So that,it causes people to have a tendancy to consume more and more calories that resulting in the increasing amount of diabetes victims.So that,more socialization and education are urgently needed in order to create a better society.

So that,based on the reasons above,one thing is very clear that calories can be even more dangerous than sugar because calories can also cause diabetes if we can’t control it.So that we can conclude,consuming too much calories will quicken your death to come.


Rio de Janeiro and Brasillia

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Many people think that Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s capital.But,the real thing is that the capital of brazil is Brasillia.There must be some reasonable explanations of why actually people think that Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s capital and I will explain about that further on the next paragraph.

First of all,we know that capital city should represent the good image of the whole country.Just say the clean Kuala Lumpur represents Malaysia and that city represents good image about Malaysia while in Indonesia,Jakarta as we know the capital city of Indonesia eventhough it doesn’t give any kind of good image in environment but still Jakarta is the most developed city in Indonesia.So,eventhough Jakarta has many problems,we can’t deny the fact that Jakarta is still the most developed city in Indonesia.Well,same thing happens in Rio de Janeiro and Brasillia case.People think that Rio is the capital city of brazil because people are more impressed with Rio than Brasillia.Based on the data I got,Rio is the 2nd largest city in Brazil,and of course in Rio de Janeiro there’s a statue of Christ de Redeemer which is very famous in the World.So every year more and more people visit Rio de Janeiro.But in the other Hand,Brasillia is maybe one of the vast city in Brazil but still,it doesn’t have good enough image as Rio de Janeiro because of the the overpopulation that the city faces.This overpopulation problem actually brings more harm in the future such as the environmental problem(re:polution) and of course the horrible traffic jam which is one of the reason why There’re many Brazilian use helicopter as their alternative transportation .Well,this overpopulation problem,indirectly decreasing the number of tourists to visit Brasillia because they think that Brazilia is horrible.Take an example of India,India is one of the densest country in the world and this problems make people think India is such a terrible place to visit,somesay India is an abbreviation of I’ll Never Do It Again.Well,if we see this kind of problem makes a trademark for Brasillia as a horrible place while in Rio de Janeiro where people can enjoy their vacation instead of feeling and experiencing the traffic jam in Brasillia.

In term of education,Rio de Janeiro has an even comparison to Brasillia.Eventhough Brasillia has a very famous and prestigious University in the country named The University of Brasillia,but still this university is 2 ranks below the Rio de Janeiro State University which sits on the 1st position.But,we can’t deny the fact that The University of Brasillia has a very good image among the people of Brazil because of the community involvement. The university runs 115 community outreach projects, offering a total of 438 courses and events. Involving the direct participation of 240 professors and 65,132 students, these activities reach nearly 185,000 people in the Federal District and the surrounding region.So that,I can say that both Brasillia and Rio de Janeiro have a very good educational development.

In the term of Economical development,again Rio de Janeiro has an upperhand after Brasillia because Rio de Janeiro is the 2nd richest city in Brazil behind Sao Paolo and also in the top 30 richest city in the world.It’s merely because Rio de Janeiro was the capital city of Brazil from 1763 to 1815.Rio de Janeiro has GDP of US$ 201 billion.While in Brasillia,the only significant thing comes from the Industry which is the construction industry which gives Brazil its 3,8% of the total GDP.

So now we can see the reasons why people think that Rio de Janeiro is the capital of Brazil based on 3 sectors I compared those 2 cities which are on Travel-and-Tourism,Education,and also economical development.