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Got invited to U.S Embassy Juni 23, 2010

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it’s today,23rd June 2010 the day that i was invited for the interview at U.S Embassy.

On the morning,I got the e-mail from the U.S Embassy Public Affair section and I was so surprised,so I replied the e-mail and just confirmed that I could come to the embassy at 3 p.m.On that e-mail it was mentioned that I got invited due to the letter that I wrote at http://www.aseanvoices.org that once I also posted it on my blog a while ago.I was so excited to go there because you know,not all people can go there especially go inside the building itself.Usually people just make a queue to get visa while i could get inside the real full-security embassy building for free.hahaha

So,I arrived there exactly at 3 p.m and I went inside the building,my phone was taken and I was given a visitor card and I was  taken to the Library.Heck,Library inside the U.S embassy Jakarta.hahahaha after that I was asked to deliver a question in the form of Video by mr.Josh(one of the officials there) .It was only 2 letters which are chosen.The other guy was Luthfi from Bintaro.I addressed the issue of education,meanwhile Luthfi addressed the issue of religion.So,exactly my question was :

How United States Government and ASEAN Leaders can cooperate in creating equal quality of education for every part of the society in ASEAN Region?

That Video will be shown at the ASEAN meeting with Hilary Clinton during her visit to Hanoi this July and Secretary Clinton will answer that question.Okay,maybe I don’t get any kind of prizes but personally entering the building itself and also Hilary Clinton will see my face,hahahahahhahahahahahaha

What a nice experience


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